Is the Melrose High School Permanent Scholarship Fund Organization (MHSPSF) a Non-Profit?
Yes. We are a recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Most donations are tax deductible.

Does the MHSPSF accept matching gift donations?
Yes, as a recognized 501(c)3, we are eligible to accept matching gifts.

Is the MHSPSF directly associated with the High School?
No. We support Melrose High School by raising funds to award scholarships, but we are not part of the high school administration nor do we maintain a presence at the school.

Who selects which students will receive scholarships?
Students who received awards are selected by a Selection Committee, whose members consist of high school staff appointed by the Principal of Melrose High School. The Selection Committee awards scholarships in accordance with the guidelines for each particular fund and matches them with the best candidates who applied for a scholarship.

How do I become eligible for a scholarship?
In order for a student to be eligible to receive an award, the student must fill out an application provided by the school. Applications are usually distributed before the winter break. Applications to receive a scholarship award are not available through this web site.

How do I establish a scholarship?
Fill out the application form and send it in to the Scholarship Fund. The form is available for download on the Establish A Fund page.

Are there volunteer opportunities for the MHSPSF??
We are always looking for new volunteers. Please contact us with your interest and we will be in touch.

Are the awarded scholarships multi-year scholarships?
No. Scholarships are a one-time award to be used any one-semester during the student's enrollment in their post high school education.

Do scholarship awards expire?
Yes, awards are valid for five years from date of issue.

Who does the scholarship get paid to?
Scholarship award checks are only paid to the school and are never issued in the student's name.

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